Functional Brain Training Kids

As well as physical fitness teamwork is a very important aspect for kids to learn, especially as it relates to sports and other kids activities. At Functional Brain Training for Kids we break down 3 super fun team-building activities that will enhance the physical fitness, cognitive thinking and mindfulness of the children. Yes even parents can join in too. We are based out of The West Movement currently however we can come to your school, local Park, or even your backyard. 

We currently are taking bookings for Kids Birthdays aged between 7-13 and are looking to expand to permanent classes during the school holidays in the near future. 

Why is Functional Brain Training Beneficial for Kids?

Kids between the age of 7 and 13 are starting to discover that they have a real curiosity about the world, with an understanding that they have some independence as well. In order to fuse together these two notions of curiosity and independence, kids need to learn skills. And because kids are often with other kids, they need to learn how to do activities with other kids. Call it a team. 

Any teacher, coach or parent knows that in order for a team to succeed, it is important to attain chemistry or a bond. Kids need to learn how to play with each other, how to help each other, how to have fun together, and how to learn skills together. That is why Functional Brain Training activities for kids is an important aspect for their development.  

The success of our programs is measured by the satisfaction of the parents and child. As well as the fulfilment of the new skills our kids learn.


Birthday Parties

 Basic Structure: 3 hour Birthday Booking

11:30am – 11:50am -  Active group warm up games

5-10 min break- Optional out door activities: 

· Bucking bull

· Mechanical Surfboards

· Jumping Castle

· Dunk Tank

· Sticky Wall

· Bungee runs.

12:00 – 12:30pm- Circuit work out, Team building, Scavenger hunt.

LUNCH-  Optional Catering

· Kids grazing tables

· BBQ and Salads

1:30pm – 2:00pm -  Energy burner relays, riddles and brainteasers.

5-10 min break- 

2:00pm – 2:30pm - Stretch and cool down, Yoga + Mindfulness.


 All of our games and activities will target key learning areas of the children: 


Games to help build both physical and mental. We have a variety of games that target their processing speed.


General recall games applied with simple memory techniques. Will have the memory sharp & clear.


Too many distractions and too many stimulants will create the short attention span; our games will have them ready and focussed.


Creating a strong ability to quickly switch between tasks and any given time is a valuable skill to have.


Let the kids flex their planning, spatial reasoning, and logical reasoning skills with these games.


We have some games that will target vocabulary, reading comprehension, and more.


A vital skill to master though life, adding value and multiplying results.