Class Descriptions


Box + Core

This is a fast pace, high energy, calorie burning cardio based class. 

We will be working across 3 zones implementing cardio via boxing through 1 station and burning out the core through the other 2

Get set for a heart pumping sweat session team this is a fun one.


You're mid-week burner!

We have an all out cardio class with a lower body emphasis

This one is sure to keep you guessing 


This one a huge favourite moving around the studio

We switch up the exercise providing you with some new ones you may have never seen. This is where our form guru's come out to provide you with the knowledge of new exercises and how to make every rep count

High Intensity Resistance Training

This class is designed to build strength across the whole body and burn calories simultaneously. We will make use of our compound movements in an intense way and combine them with some heart rate pumping resistance moves to keep the heart rate high.


Friday is were we get down with one of the highest calorie burning cardio classes to round out your working week.

It will be intense, it will be tough, but it will be so worth it as we throw a bit of variety at you with the exercises


This epic class will light up your Saturday morning and set you up on a high. 

This is where we pick the brain of all of our trainers and come up with something unique for the TWM members. You will have it all. Weights, cardio, plyometrics everything you need to start your weekend right

Low Impact

We have altered the structure of this class to perfectly fit the needs of those just getting into the swing of things. Basic yet intense movements, with very low impact and an emphasis on getting stronger along with injury prevention a proper technique.

Sunday Strength and Conditioning

We have your Sunday morning session covered with a predominately weights based class and a hint of cardio just to get that sweat on.

You will be sure to feel the burn as we break down the form and teach you some new technique


A gentle flow that balances movement and stillness, strength and grace. A mindful practice to connect movement with breath, and enhances self-love and body connection. A combination of vinyasa and yin philosophies. An all levels practice.


This high energy low impact class will have you and your training buddy in a sweaty mess. Bring a friend along free every Thursday and join our partner style HIIT class. We take you through 3 working zones with 4 stations per zone. A mixture of some explosive cardio + weighted exercises.